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Size Color Sterilization Texture
Aloetouch Green Latex Gloves
Aloetouch Green Latex Surgical Gloves Sterile Powder-Free Latex Surgical Gloves With Aloe
Retail: $83.99
Price: $71.99
Aloetouch Micro Latex Gloves
Aloetouch Micro Latex Surgical Gloves Sterile Powder-Free Latex Surgical Gloves With Aloe
Retail: $83.99
Price: $71.99
SensiCare LT With Aloe Synthetic Gloves
SensiCare LT With Aloe Synthetic Gloves Sterile Powder-Free Synthetic Surgical Gloves With Aloe
Retail: $86.99
Price: $76.99
SensiCare Ortho Synthetic Gloves
SensiCare Ortho Synthetic Gloves Sterile Powder-Free Synthetic Surgical Gloves With Aloe
Retail: $105.99
Price: $89.99

We go out of our way to find you only the best nursing gloves and offer them to you here, at Gloves Expert! All of our offered nurse gloves are made from latex, or isolex polyisoprene, and are available at wholesale glove prices. We offer our nursing gloves to you in a variety of textures and colors to suit most nursing requirements. Latex nurse gloves and isolex polyisoprene gloves are all available in sizes ranging from extra small (5.5) to extra large (9.0). All of our nursing gloves are sterile, powder-free, and embedded with aloe for added comfort. We have everything to suit your nursing gloves needs. If you need nursing gloves, and you want to save money while resupplying your offices, you can't do better than shopping with Gloves Expert!

Gloves Expert proudly offers you an extensive variety of top quality, multi-purpose nurse gloves. All of the gloves on this page are powder-free, making them suitable for use in triage, surgery, or other high-risk work where a powdered exam glove might retard the healing of an injury to the wearer, or create cross-contamination risks.

For most high-end doctor’s office uses, there is no substitute for the level of sensitivity and control that comes from using latex nursing gloves. Latex stretches to fit the wearer extremely close, without sacrificing too much tactile control, and providing just as much durable protection as less sensitive material like vinyl. Latex nurse gloves are by far the most elastic of the glove materials. This elasticity also provides nurse gloves made with this material an increased resistance to abrasion, cuts, and punctures.

Our selection of wholesale nurse gloves includes “synthetic latex" isolex polyisoprene gloves. These isolex polyisoprene gloves offer nurses most of the supple movement, sensitivity, and control of latex without the allergenic properties of latex, while keeping the protection and safety of high quality gloves at wholesale nursing glove prices. Nearly as resistant to abrasions, cuts, and punctures as latex gloves, isolex polyisoprene nurse gloves offer a dramatic reduction in allergic reaction. With latex allergies continuing to rise, having an alternative nurse glove is becoming more important than ever. Isolex polyisoprene gloves have no proteins, and cause far fewer allergic reactions, even with those who are allergic to latex. They are just as sturdy and reliable as latex, and provide the wearer with outstanding manipulation and handing. Although isolex polyisoprene gloves are more expensive than latex nursing gloves, they do provide similar qualities without the irritation (and potential health risks) of wearing latex against your skin.

Nursing gloves are not just useful for nurses, they are useful as exam gloves for admissions, for prevention of cross-contamination in a broad spectrum of health and safety jobs, including, but not limited to pharmaceutical work, and for a variety of uses in law enforcement and public safety. They also provide increased resistance to oils and greases, solvents, and most acetic and alkaloid chemicals, making them very useful for cleaning and decontamination work. Some are also hypo-allergenic, providing latex allergy sufferers with a reasonable option for stocking gloves for your special needs.